We Just Don’t Know

I thought about doing a cute Thanksgiving picture with The Sun Prince boys, and then I thought about how they wouldn’t have any concept of what that is!

The story takes place in the 2nd half of 15th century. Let’s say 1470-ish. America hasn’t been invented yet. Nobody in western Europe even knows that there are like, four more continents in the world!


Columbus is just now trying to get funding for his “shortcut to Asia.” (Gonna be 500 years before someone invents Kickstarter.) It’s wild to think that this is the known map of the world in 1457:

That’s it. That’s all we knew about the planet. The boys would have lived through a discovery that changed their entire world. Literally.

It’s amazing to think about living on a planet where some areas are still marked as “parts unknown.” I suppose the modern equivalent would be the world ocean. Roughly 80% of it remains unexplored, and the scientific consensus is We Just Don’t Know What’s Down There. That’s wild. @_@

So I’m left with a healthy respect for how much we don’t know — about our planet, our history; about ourselves, really. It’s humbling. And it’s exciting, cause there are so many discoveries yet to be made! That’s really something to be grateful about.


This is a really fun article:

The 15th-Century Monk Who Crowdsourced a Map of the World.
Fra Mauro was the Google Earth of the 1450s.


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You’re invited to a chat night

The first chat night was so nice, I’m hosting it twice! Cozins in the western hemisphere, come say hello! I want to get to know you and chat about the comic, life, or just about anything, really.

Just like with the Europe night last week, I’ll have a question for you: “Is there anything in your life that truly IS better than sex?” Last week we found out that it’s a long-lasting relationship, D&D sessions with a partner, and sleep. I’m dying to hear what you think. :D

Click here to join the chat.


In case you’re not familiar with Discord, it’s a voice and text messaging app. It’s free to sign up for and use – you can download a desktop client or just use it in your browser. It supports both text and voice chat, but I’m only using the text chat function, so don’t worry about setting up a mic. :)

Here’s a a short intro video with everything you need to know!

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New landing page!

Hi cozins! I’m happy to say I’ve (finally) finished a landing page for The Sun Prince.

Why have a landing page? I think a lot about the reader experience, and it is very important to me how people interact with the comic, and with the site itself. The story is now heading into some spoilerrific territory, and that could mean a bad experience for some. The last thing I want is for someone who’s been gone for a while to come back to the comic and land on a big fat spoiler! That goes double for new readers. <:|

But a landing page solves that problem, and provides a nice overview of what the comic is about. I hope? Do you think it’s a good introduction to the story? Should I include anything else? ::squints at it for a millionth time::

And if you’re following the updates on social media, no worries! The links will take you directly to the latest page, so you won’t have to go through the landing page every time. :)

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meme accomplished

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best wishes to you and yours in 2018!


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from the studio

Today’s work session in Korea town featured a rose-infused latte, with a real rose petal. 10/10 recommend! 😋

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Who is she wearing?

I base 99% of my wardrobe research on Renaissance paintings (thank you wealthy Italians for commissioning all the family portraits!), and I thought it’d be fun to point out which of Speranza’s dresses are taken directly from the canvas of history. :)

Referenced painting for this ensemble is Giovanni II Bentivoglio and His Family

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from the studio

Assistant Zoe is hard at work, helping me pencil part two of the comic. ^___^

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from the studio

The pages for Part One of my comic are all toned, polished and ready to go. It was a team effort! :D

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