About Chama


Once upon a time a bright-eyed Chama moved to Los Angeles and became a storyboard artist. She was very proud to be a part of the animation industry and to contribute to shows like Young Justice, Green Lantern TAS, Beware the Batman, Legend of Korra, and LEGO: Ninjago feature film. She even spent some time at Riot Games. (It was a riot!)

While she was honing her craft on action-adventure shows, in the back of her mind was the persistent siren call to explore other types of stories. (Kind of a bossy siren call, tbh.) Stories that probe deeper into the human experience, stories with nuance, stories that portray the sensuality of life.

After a while, Chama realized she could no longer ignore the call. So she set out on a new adventure — to become an independent creator! She turned her creativity to the comics medium, exploring themes of love, relationships and self discovery; telling stories that are both intellectually stimulating and emotionally satisfying.

Chama is currently the writer and artist behind The Sun Prince, the Saint and the Changeling, and it is her wish to entertain and delight you!



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