*barges into your space unannounced, but in like a respectful way* OMG cozins, I did a thing! It’s a really really reeeeally cool thing, and I can finally tell you about it! :D :D :D

OMG, I’ve been dying, dying to talk about this project for almost a year, where do I start… Ok ok. So! I wrote a thing. And I’m making it into a graphic novel.

It’s a romance with a mystery subplot — a romantic mystery! It’s set in Renaissance Italy, and the story follows Tomas, a guy from a patrician family with ties to the Holy Roman Empire, as he investigates something that happened to his friends. It’s very mysterious and very gay. Not necessarily in that order. XD

“I’m intrigued,” you might say. “How gay is it?” This is primo quality, 100% BL grade gayness. It’s just nonstop dudes holding hands and talking about their feelings.


Spoiler alert, they do way more than just hold hands. The comic is strictly 18+. (I can finally use my hard earned anatomy skills for sex! Mwahahahaha!!) And I’m really proud of this story because it’s not just erotica that’s light on plot, or a mystery piece where the gay couple is an underdeveloped side attraction. The Sun Prince is the best of both worlds — it’s a story that’s all about the romance, balanced with the thrill of an unfolding mystery. It’s sexy, emotionally engaging, and intellectually satisfying.

Well, that’s what I’m hoping! XD

Thanks for reading my excited ramblings. I’m so proud of this story I could burst. And I finally get to share it with the world! LET’S DO THIS!!!