Hi cozins! I’m happy to say I’ve (finally) finished a landing page for The Sun Prince.

Why have a landing page? I think a lot about the reader experience, and it is very important to me how people interact with the comic, and with the site itself. The story is now heading into some spoilerrific territory, and that could mean a bad experience for some. The last thing I want is for someone who’s been gone for a while to come back to the comic and land on a big fat spoiler! That goes double for new readers. <:|

But a landing page solves that problem, and provides a nice overview of what the comic is about. I hope? Do you think it’s a good introduction to the story? Should I include anything else? ::squints at it for a millionth time::

And if you’re following the updates on social media, no worries! The links will take you directly to the latest page, so you won’t have to go through the landing page every time. :)