Hello couzins, I’m letting you know that as of August 2020, The Sun Prince comic is discontinued.

The reason is that after 3 years online the comic hasn’t found its audience. I’m not one of those passionate artists that can keep going no matter what — reader interest & encouragement matter to me a lot. But it seems the comic is not good enough to warrant wide appeal, or there’s just not much interest in this kind of story.

These are the all-time stats from The Sun Prince website:

Instead of gaining new visitors, the numbers are actually going down over time. That means that not only are there no new readers, the existing readers are not coming back. Speaks for itself.


I still love this story and would love to see it out in the world, but the drawing process takes so much time and effort it just doesn’t make sense to keep going. I took a long time to think about it, and I took a long time to come to peace with my decision. It’s not pleasant news, but I didn’t want to just ghost you by disappearing into the night! XD

Thank you all for reading the comic up to this point. I hope you’re taking care of yourselves in this crizayzie year of 2020.