The first chat night was so nice, I’m hosting it twice! Cozins in the western hemisphere, come say hello! I want to get to know you and chat about the comic, life, or just about anything, really.

Just like with the Europe night last week, I’ll have a question for you: “Is there anything in your life that truly IS better than sex?” Last week we found out that it’s a long-lasting relationship, D&D sessions with a partner, and sleep. I’m dying to hear what you think. :D

Click here to join the chat.


In case you’re not familiar with Discord, it’s a voice and text messaging app. It’s free to sign up for and use – you can download a desktop client or just use it in your browser. It supports both text and voice chat, but I’m only using the text chat function, so don’t worry about setting up a mic. :)

Here’s a a short intro video with everything you need to know!